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Seth & Cassie Engagements at Sycamore Brewing

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

They say that you should marry your best friend... It's easy to see that these two are following that advice!


This session was an absolute blast to shoot- it felt like the only breaks in laughter were for sips of some delicious beers and ciders & the uncontrollable urge to pet the dogs that wandered by. One of Seth & Cassie's favorite pastimes is visiting North Carolina breweries and sampling their wares, so it was an easy decision to do a brewery engagement shoot. While Charlotte certainly has no shortage of options - Sycamore's gorgeous patio with market lights and outdoor taps made it a no brainer. These two brought so much light and warmth to a cold and rainy January evening so CHEERS to this amazing couple! I can't wait to photograph their offbeat wedding in the mountains of Asheville this fall.



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